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Percussion Set



ScalesAndTales Rock School offers pupils from years 3 to 6 the opportunity to perform on percussion, vocals, keyboard and  electric and bass guitar in a rock/pop band setting. Every term pupils will work together in their rock/pop group on a set piece which will incorporate guitar riffs, keyboard melodies and chords, vocal melody lines and harmonies and different drum patterns. At the end of the term each group will perform in a free concert for all pupils, families and friends. 

Lessons will also incorporate fun games and exercises and  a program where children can choose what riff, pattern, harmony, chord progression they would like to learn, ranging from easy to more tricky pieces. This is a great way for the children to advance in their instrument and see a progression in their playing. Children will have the opportunity to play by ear but also understand the names of the notes they are playing. 

At ScalesAndTales Rock School we realise every child learns differently so we incorporate notation, symbols and music by ear to each individual preference.

Each session is for 30 minutes and every child has an opportunity to pick their own instrument before the term starts. We will endeavour to provide their first instrument choice but places are limited.



£130 per child for ten sessions per term. Each session is for 30 minutes with a free concert every term. 

Fees can be paid termly or half termly. 



Currently at LDSM on a Friday afternoon from 12.30pm until 3.00pm in the music room. Times of lessons stay the same every week.


St Albans Catholic School on Wednesday afternoons from 12.30pm until 3.00pm. Times of lessons stay the same every week.

For more information contact Kelly at or phone 07779637408. Spaces are limited!

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