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Mental Health Day

Mental Health Day is on Saturday the 10th October 2020.

I thought it would be helpful to give my pupils and their parents some simple breathing exercises that really help relieve stress, anxiety, lows and nerves. These exercises can be used in the car, walking to school, at home, watching TV etc.

Also I have focused on feeling different emotions through music. By listening to different genres of music we can help our mood improve. Lively, loud and upbeat music might make us feel happy, whilst slow, minor, low sounding music might make us feel sad. Also when we feel a certain emotion think of a colour. Try and change the colour in your mind to help with your mood.

For example: I feel angry so I visualise red.

Change the colour in your mind to green. This will make you feel calmer.

Children sometimes find it hard to express themselves so ask them to draw the colour they are feeling at that moment. Also ask them to draw a face and what kind of face they may be feeling. Show them examples like a happy face, sad face etc

Make sure you draw the colour you are feeling too and what kind of face you might be feeling.

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