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Harvest time at Elizabeth Montessori

Its been a great few weeks so far at Elizabeth Montessori with five new pupils starting in the last couple weeks.

The children started September learning all about themselves.

How we can create different sounds using our bodies? Clapping, tapping, stamping, humming, rubbing etc. We created different body percussion groups and made recognisable sounds as a group. Train rhythms, car sounds, people walking and running.

The children learnt how to sing songs like 'Fingers and thumbs,' Clap your hands' and 'If your happy and you know it'. All the songs use body percussion.

After two weeks we moved onto the wonderful story about the 'Three Billy Goats Gruff'.

The children loved the story, although some were not too sure about the mean, old troll!

We acted out the story by moulding some of the children into the bridge, water and grass. Some children were the goats and the mean troll. We had a small percussion group that played the wooden blocks, representing the feet of the goats. Each rhythm incorporated dynamics from soft to loud to represent the size of each goat.

Last week we talked about Autumn Time and how the season is changing.

The children pretended they were walking through crispy leaves that go scrunch, scrunch, scrunch. They learnt a song about the leaves turning orange and brown and falling to the ground. We then read and acted out the fantastic book, 'There's a shark in the park on a windy day'. I thoroughly recommend all the shark in the park books. Great illustrations and a story that all the children can get involved in.

This week we will be concentrating on Harvest Time. The children will be learning about a Combine Harvester and what the machine can do. Songs and activities will be based around creating food and picking the harvest. The children will also learn how to break down a word in syllables and tap out each syllable on an instrument.

Next week is the school half term so there will be no workshops on the 24th October. Back on the 31st October for lots of Halloween fun. Can't wait!!

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