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Around the world in 30 minutes!

For the next few weeks the children will be learning about the different countries around the world.

Last week the children sat in the pilot seat and learnt how to fly a plane to some fantastic and exciting destinations around the world.

First stop, Spain. We paddled, swam, built sandcastles, threw pebbles into the sea and sunbathed. We then listened to some flamenco music and learnt the moves to a spanish dance as well as listened and learnt two of the spanish instruments being played.

Next stop, The Amazon Rainforest. We listened to the amazing sounds around us and trekked through the jungle. We saw monkeys, snakes, spiders, beetles and lots of colourful plants and flowers. It was very hot though so we got into a boat and rowed down the river to cool down.

Next Stop, Africa. We arrived to be greeted by a safari truck. We drove the truck around the dusty terrain spotting elephants, lions and giraffes and lots more. We acted out each of the animals and mimicked their movements. We then learnt a fun drumming, tribal piece of music on the drums. We learnt that African music has lots of repetitive rhythms and call and response rhythms.

Last stop, The himalayas. We were pretty exhausted but all the children were very keen to get there mountain climbing gear on. Oh yes, we climbed the very large and snowy, Mount Everest. The children got to the top and looked down. We chatted about what we could see around us and what the temperature was like on the peak of the mountain.

Where will we visit next week? Keep reading our exciting adventures in the net few weeks ahead.

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