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Our first performance at Long Ditton Village Hall

This week we have started the rehearsals for our little musical play. The children will be performing the play in six weeks time in front of their parents. In the session this week we have been talking about each character. What is their part in the story? How do they move around and talk?

Then the children acted out each character together, adding mannerisms, facial expression and basic vocals. The children worked on using the space around them and developed different postures and movement for each character. We then learnt two different pieces of musical theatre with choreography. One piece was based around the colour red and had a pop feel and the other was about the wolf being hungry and this was more of a blues feel.

Over the next few weeks we will be learning the script words, songs, choreography and understanding how to project and face out to an audience. Also the children will set different scenes by moulding into the forest, cottage, etc

The children and parents will be celebrating at the end of our first term at Long Ditton Village Hall with a small party. This is a thank you from Scales & Tales for all their support.

We will be offering a free trial to any new pupils that are interested in joining in September 2017. If you recommend a pupil and you are already an existing parent at the club you will also receive a free session next term.

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