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Magical Toyshop at Long Ditton Workshops

Over the last few weeks our topic has been based around a magical toyshop.

The children have been listening to different musical motifs that pair with a character.

Each child will move around like a certain toy when they hear the music that pairs up with their character.

When the toys are in a toy shop they are very still, but as soon as the shop keeper leaves, the magical music sounds, and the toys come to life!

The shop keeper returns the next day to find all the toys in different places. He just couldn't understand why, or how they had moved!

We had lots of fun learning about how robots move and talk. We created our own robot percussion piece using old tin cans, spoons, saucepans, lids, maracas in a tin etc. You can see the interest on the children's faces in the picture above. I asked the children what sound would a robot make. They answered by saying, clanking, metal sound, scraping, whizzing, whirring, beeping and more.

The children learnt the actions and the words to the theme tune from 'Toy Story'. We have been using our voices well and trying not to shout out the words. We will be performing this song next week.

The children understand what pitch, rhythm, pulse, tempo and dynamics mean in music by playing lots of different games such as:

Pitch - Stretch up high when you hear a high note, arms by your side for middle note and sit on the floor for low note.

Pulse and tempo - March on the spot to the beat of the drum. The drum will get faster or slower and the children need to keep in time with the pulse.

Dynamics - Playing the instruments. The conductor has different gestures for high, low and stop. The children have to follow by playing their instrument and looking at the conductor for their instructions.

Structured improvisation is great for this age group. The children have been talking about their emotions and acting these out using facial expressions and mannerisms. We have acted out being at a train station and waiting for a late train. Being in a toyshop and the toys magically coming to life. Talking in pairs as robots.

Next week we will be recapping over everything we have learnt over the last five weeks.

Please sign up quickly for the next workshop session for 6 weeks starting on the 7th June 2017. Places are very limited.

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