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Train's cancelled at Long Ditton Workshop

Wednesday at 3.45 to 4.30pm every week at Long Ditton Village Hall.

What a great second week and a fabulous turn out. We started the workshop by singing a fun chant and making up different rhythms using our bodies. We then listened to the pitch on the piano and moved into different shapes, depending on whether the pitch was high, middle or low. We then learnt a new song from 'Toy Story' to link in with our theme 'Magical Toys'. What voices some of the children have! We incorporated some fun musical theatre movement to the song.

The children recapped over their train rhythms on the percussion and played a rhythmical train piece using three different rhythms combined together.

Following on from the train theme, the children created a scene at the train platform. We had children reading newspapers, books, looking at their watches, talking on mobile phones, selling tickets and waiting in a queue. An announcement on the platform said the train had been cancelled. How did this make the children feel? We moved around in different positions, staying in character. They would freeze in position using angry expressions and bored, fed up body language. Eventually the train arrived and everyone got on board. How did the children feel when they saw the train coming? Relieved, happy, tired? Using different scenarios the children can explore emotions through role play and imagination. We ended the workshop with a breathing exercise to music, using our diaphragms. Lying on the fall on our backs and breathing out steadily, using a ssss noise.

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