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Fire Fire!!

There's been a fire at Elizabeth Montessori!

The children had to pretend to be firemen, fire engine drivers, and people that needed to be saved in a burning building. We learnt how to pull out the ladder, climb the ladder, role out the hose and spray the high jet of water on the fire, drive the fire truck and rescue the people from the building. Then we made sure that the people were not injured and drove them back home to safety.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be linking our drama/music workshops with the theme 'People that help us in the community'. This is a topic that the children are learning in other areas at the nursery. We also learnt a song about the fire engine driving to the fire. The children particularly liked ringing their bells at the end.

Warm ups have been based around stretching and emotions. The children have been listening to gently piano music whilst thinking about where they might be in their thoughts. What does the music make you feel? Are you in a hot or cold place? Do you feel safe?

Next Thursday we are going to the hospital. The children will be helping me to bandage up poorly patients. Watch out parents! They might practise on you at home!

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