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New Drama/Music Workshop starting this week for 4-6 year olds in Long Ditton

A new drama/music workshop will be starting this week at Long Ditton Village Hall from 3.45 to 4.30pm on Wednesday.

If you are interested in a free trial or for more information please visit my website at and look under 'venues'. The workshop runs for 45 minutes but children are more than welcome to come along at 3.30pm with a snack before we start.

This week our theme is all about a magical toyshop. The children will be exploring characterisation, movement and freezing in position, spatial awareness of others around them and the space they are in, relaxing breathing exercises, learning words and actions to a famous Disney song and developing their understanding of pulse and rhythm using certain percussion instruments to create a mixture of train sounds combined together.

We only have space for 12 children in this very specialised club, tailor made for this age group. At the moment we have 4 spaces so please email me to reserve a space.

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