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I am a Robot!

For the last two weeks at Elizabeth Montessori in Surbiton, we have been learning all about Robots.

We discussed what a robot would be made out of. How would it talk and move?

The children copied my moves one by one. First the head moving slowly then the robotic arms, the mechanical voice etc

We listened to 'We are a robot' by Kraftwerk and moved and talked like Robots. The music would stop and the children would have to freeze. The children then paired up with a partner. Their partner put their hands through the other childs arms. They now had to be the robotic arms whilst the other child would talk in a mechanical voice. The children found this very funny and enjoyed having a conversation with other robots.

What would happen if the robot sped up or slowed down? Would the robot overheat and explode? Yes, we did have lot of exploding robots! Did the robot have feelings? Some very interesting and unusual answers to that question!

We sang a little song about a robot and also incorporated the instruments to the song.

To finish we listened to some beautiful piano music whilst stretching our bodies and using some deep breathing exercises to relax the muscles.

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