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Under the Sea

After having quite an adventure last week with our treasure map and pirate treasure we decided we would explore the bottom of the sea too!

Each child had to pretend to be an octopus, seaweed, crab, fish, rock, anemone, coral, sword fish, sea-horse and many others. Each child had to dress up in a snorkel and mask and pretend to dive to the bottom of the ocean. We had lots of scary moments when we were faced with terrifying sharks, jelly fish and sword fish but we managed to swim away from them. Every child got a turn to be a diver. It was lots of fun dressing up in all the swimming gear. We looked at the book ‘Tiddler’, by Julia Donaldson. This gave the children visual ideas of what they could turn into under the sea.

Once we had finished creating our beautiful under the sea drama scene we sat down and listened to some very loud music! A Sea Symphony 111 Scherzo, by Vaughan Williams

The children discussed what the music made them feel like. What the weather would be like? Would the sea be rough or smooth? Would it be difficult to swim in the sea when its stormy? Why?

We talked about the music being fast and loud and how it sounded like the waves crashing down. How the rain and thunder grew more noisy and wild. The wind swirling around and how the music made you feel chilly.

We played the drums, tambourines, wooden blocks and maracas to the music, gradually getting louder and softer to create a storm effect.

We will be continuing with this theme next week. Just to remind everyone there is only two weeks left of drama classes until after Easter. If you are interested in joining please contact Kelly Hart at

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