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Treasure Ahoy!

The last two weeks the children became pirates in search for hidden treasure!

We designed a huge treasure map, which we rolled out on the floor for all to see. Every child drew an area on the map. Swamps, dragons, crocodile pit, squelchy mud bath, big boulders, scary cave, stepping stones across the rapid river and lots more. Once the map was drawn, the pirates had to follow it! We had a hard time getting through the swamp and dodging the dragon and snappy crocodiles, but after two weeks, we got to the X.

X marks the spot! Treasure at last!!

The children opened the wooden treasure box and found, jewels, coins, gold and more. They wore their treasure and sang a pirate song. (What shall we do with a lazy sailor)

We talked about the emotions we felt when we faced different areas of the island. The children said they were excited, scared, worried, happy and tired. We demonstrated these emotions by expressing them through movement and facial expressions.

We then recapped over the fun songs we have been learning over the last few weeks. The children can remember quite a lot of the songs and actions now. Well done!

See you next week for more fun and excitement.

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