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Gruffalo Workshop Part Two

George the Giraffe came out of the suitcase and said hello to the children. He's not so shy anymore! He brought along a new friend, Ellie the Elephant. Ellie is rather naughty sometimes so the children had to teach her how to not shout out in the group and to use good listening ears.

We recapped over our potato rap and all the children remembered most of the actions and the words. This always makes the song more fun when we know the words.

Once we had finished scrub-dubbing our potatoes we read the final part of the Gruffalo story. Each small group of children had to play the correct instrument that represents their character.

Mouse - Tapping on the drum

Snake – Stroking on the drum

Elephant - Loud slap on drum

Fox – Wooden blocks sounding like his feet

Owl – Blow two notes on tin whistle

The children also listened to the classical film tracks of each animal. They all had to move like that animal to the music.

We also sang our Gruffalo song and remembered most of the actions. The children particularly liked the part about his knobbly knees and turned out toes and that poisonous wart. Yuck!!

To relax we listened to the beach sounds of the waves hitting the shore. All the children had to lie down. They put on their sunglasses and applied their sun cream. Some children pretended to read, others ate an ice cream.

They imagined the waves on the shore and the sand in their toes. Seagulls above and a gentle breeze on their face.

We then put everything back into the suitcase ready for our new topic next week.

I wonder what it will be.........

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