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Gruffalo workshop

The children learnt a new rhyme today called mash potatoes. They had to scrub, chop, boil, mash and eat the potato. We had lots of fun learning the words and incorporating the actions. This is also a great rhyme to help with different mouth movements and using our tongue as well as hand and eye coordination. Very hungry children at the end!

In the suitcase out popped the Gruffalo. We learnt a song about his terrible teeth, claws, orange eyes, knobbly knees and more. We talked about how he would move and sound. What instrument would we play to make the sound of his feet? The children moved like the different characters in the book and made different sounds using instruments to represent the characters.

Snake - Shaking the maracas

Fox - Wooden blocks for his feet

Owl - Tin whistle making two soft notes

Gruffalo - Loud bang on the drum

Mouse - Soft finger tips on the drum for his feet

We only got through half the book so the children are looking forward to finishing the story next week.

The children then laid down and shut their eyes. They listened to the sounds around them and wiggled their feet, heads, fingers tummy and whole body. Then they lay still and listened to the relaxing piano music.


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