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Going on a Bear Hunt

This week at Elizabeth Montessori we based all the session around the book 'Going on a Bear Hunt'. Children were divided into groups and given a certain instrument and picture card that represented a certain sound. (E.g. Grass, Forest, Mud) Every time the family had to go through something like mud or a forest each group would hold up their card and play the correct sound that represented the picture. We also incorporated this with drama movement such as; walking in squelchy mud, swimming in the river, creeping into the cave!

We sang and rapped to the song 'Jamaquacks' and 'Clap our hands'. Every child started learning the words and actions and soon nearly the whole group were singing the words and moving in time.

We finished with different drum sounds to represent an animal. A stomping Elephant, a slippery snake or a tiptoeing mouse. When they heard the sound the children would have to be that animal. Each child also had a go at playing the drum and experimenting with the different ways of playing the instrument. Loud for an Elephant, tapping for mouse and stroking for a snake.

We ended with a simple relaxation exercise to piano music.

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