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Drama Class


LAMDA with a difference Club
Long Ditton St Marys School - Fridays 4.30 to 5.30 Years 3-6
St Albans Catholic School Molesey - Thursdays 4.30 to 5.30 Years 3-6
Shrewsbury House School Surbiton - Tuesdays and Wednesdays 4.15 to 5.10
Castle Hill Chessington - Fridays 3.15-4.20pm 
  • Warm up games - To increase confidence,  team work, having fun and letting ourselves go, relaxation and trust.

  • Voice Overs - Using a sound booth and recording over film clips, radio, adverts.

  • Television stage and screen - Film trailers, commercials, presenting, television scripts, characterisation 

  • Auditions - Self tape work, monologues, confidence building exercises, relaxation techniques for nerves 

  • Theatre - Spatial awareness, projection, articulation, breathing from the diaphragm, memorising, characterisation.

  • Exam technique and exam material - Groups in verse and prose and acting. Pupils are given scripts or poems to work on for their group exam and taught correct diction, breathing techniques, spatial awareness, staging direction and more. Children will be entered for LAMDA exams at Shrewsbury House School. Scope for individual exams can be possible too.

LAMDA acting or musical theatre clubs

Offers lunchtime clubs in acting, verse and prose and musical theatre for grades 1- 8

Long Ditton St Marys School - Tuesdays and Fridays lunchtimes for Years 3-6
St Albans Catholic School Molesey - Thursdays lunchtimes for Years 1-2 and 3-6
Rowan Prep School  - Thursdays 3.15 to 4pm Musical theatre club after school Y2's
Castle Hill Chessington - Fridays 12.30 and 1.00pm musical theatre for years 1 and 2
and years 3 and 6. 
LAMDA - Verse and Prose from grade one to grade eight.
Articulation and Pronunciation, Poetry and Prose, Intonation, Emotion, Different pauses, Rhyming, Rhythm, Metre, Stanzas, Accents, Alliteration, Similes, Metaphors.
LAMDA - Acting from grade one to grade eight.
Characterisation,Breathing techniques,  Improvisation, Spatial awareness, Emotion, Trust games, Scripts, Articulation, Stage Direction, Movement, Memory work
LAMDA Music Theatre Grade one to eight. 
Choreography, Harmony, Breathing techniques, Characterisation, Scripts, Movement, Songs, Lyrics, Pitch, Vocal strengthening exercises, Melody, Spatial awareness
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